About me

About me                                              About me

my name is Arun Kumar. I am a resident of Bihar state of India. I am an undergraduate in education and I have also done teaching work in private from 2005 to 2011 and practice homeopathy with home remedies. I am also the song and lyrics writer. I am very fond of music and I also sing a little bit and if you want to know about my singing then you can visit my YouTube channel creativearun007 channel and thus I am also a YouTuber.


 I am very fond of writing and due to this hobby and keeping in mind the needs of singers, I have also created a blog whose link is www.geetdairy.com. I write the lyrics of Hindi and Bhojpuri songs on this blog, in which you can find the lyrics of Hindi Bhajan, Bhojpuri Bhajan, Bhojpuri Nirguna, Purvi, etc.

About me

 I am creating this blog because I could not stop myself seeing the miracle of home remedies which I saw during my practice of 2 years and all of you can also benefit from it. In this blog, I will share all the experiences and treatments that have given miraculous benefits to many patients.

 And I am fully hopeful that all of you will also be able to benefit from this blog. Thank you