Home remedies for abortion

Home remedies for abortion

Home remedies for abortion

Home remedies for abortion Home remedies for abortion

Hello friends, today we will talk about the home remedy method of abortion which we can easily do at home. Friends, in some circumstances, sometimes such a situation comes in which some things go unsolicited. For example, if you are newly married and suddenly you conceive, but you do not want to have a child now, then in this situation, the situation of abortion comes. For this, if you want, you can also take the help of a doctor, but due to medical termination of pregnancy, many times problems start occurring in your next pregnancy.

In such a situation, if you want, you can also abort your pregnancy naturally.
So in today’s post, we will talk about home methods by which you can abort your pregnancy naturally.
In this, we will also talk about how many days it can be done and how effective it is.

By the way, abortion is safe for the next 3 months of pregnancy. After more than 3 months, many problems can be faced and it is harmful to the body to get the abortion done.
Abortion is a natural way is quite safe, but home remedies prove to be more effective if done within 1 month of pregnancy. If there is more than that, sometimes the home recipe fails even more. So try to abort your pregnancy naturally within 1 month of pregnancy.

So let’s know the home remedies of abortion:-

natural remedies for abortion

1. Fruits rich in Vitamin C:-
For this, you have to eat such fruits in which vitamin C is more, such as lemon, orange, pineapple, raw papaya should be eaten more and more. Because vitamin C is considered a contraceptive.
So in such a situation, if you do not want your pregnancy, then eat more and more such fruits.

For this, you have to eat raw papaya as much as possible in the morning i.e. on an empty stomach, and eat more and more. Have a full stomach. Then after lunch, drink 1-2 glasses of pineapple juice. In the evening, squeeze a whole lemon into a glass of water and drink it. You have to eat two oranges before dinner, that is, about half an hour before.
You have to do this recipe till your period comes. Hopefully, you will get your period within 10 days of doing this recipe. This recipe is so effective.


2. Asafoetida: – Everyone knows and probably everyone must have heard the doctor saying that hot things are forbidden during pregnancy because the possibility of miscarriage is more due to excessive consumption of hot things.
So asafoetida is very hot in nature and it proves to be very effective in abortion. To do this recipe, mix a spoonful of asafetida powder in a glass of water and drink it immediately after breakfast. This recipe is to be followed till your period comes. Hopefully, your period will come within 7 days of doing this recipe and 100% of your pregnancy will be aborted.

natural way of abortion


3. Acacia(babool) Leaves:-          Home remedies for abortion

Acacia’s leaves (babool) are also quite capable of aborting. For this, you take 2 grams of acacia leaves and put them in two cups of water, and boil it well. Boil until the water is reduced to half. After this, drink this water on an empty stomach in the morning. You have to do this process until your period starts coming. By doing this process for 7 to 10 days, your period will start and you will avoid unwanted pregnancy.  


4. Soybean Seeds:-  Soybean seeds are also very hot in nature. Soybean is widely used as a home remedy for abortion. It proves to be very effective in getting rid of unwanted abortions.
For this, soak a handful of soybean seeds at night and eat them as breakfast in the morning. With this, your unwanted pregnancy will happen within 5 to 7 days and your beloved will also start coming, in this way you can get rid of unwanted pregnancy by doing this home remedy.


5. Sesame:-  Sesame also proves to be very helpful in getting rid of unwanted pregnancies. For this, soak 25 grams of sesame in a glass of water overnight. Strain the water early in the morning and drink that water on an empty stomach. Make a chutney and eat the remaining sesame seeds. Do this recipe like this for a few days. After doing this recipe for 10 to 12 days, your period starts coming, then leave this recipe. This way you will avoid unwanted pregnancies.



Friends, all these remedies work according to the body structure and immunity power of different people. If it affects a person quickly, then fewer results are seen on someone else. But home remedies are not harmful in any way. If it does not fulfill your need, then it does not do any harm but is beneficial for your body in some way or the other. If after doing this recipe for 10 to 12 days the result does not show, then we should consult our nearest doctor.

our ancient people have cautioned us about all these foods but I don’t see any evidence against it so it could definitely be safe to consume all these foods having said that we should look at caffeine actually there are some research papers indicating that huge amounts of caffeine can induce abortion like when I say huge amounts it could be.

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