Home remedies for acidity

home remedies for acidity

home remedies for acidity

home remedies for acidity

acidity symptoms


Acidity is a common problem that happens to every other person.

Home remedies for acidity

If you are suffering from the problem of acidity, then it means that the level of acid in your

stomach has increased and due to the increase in the level of acid, the reflux increases to your

food pipe and starts burning,


 So if you want to treat this acidity you have to neutralize this excess of acid.

 To neutralize this excess amount of acid, drink a glass of water mixed with baking soda

or baking powder, this will neutralize your acid.


 You can also use some anti-acid tablets or some syrups which you can buy from the medical store


 But it is a temporary solution to acidity.

 Stay With If You Need a Permanent Solution

 I am going to tell you what is the real root cause of this acidity and how you can cure it permanently


 The root cause of acidity is our body’s confusion. Our body gets the illusion that

it has eaten more food due to which it releases more acid.


 Let us understand this with an example: Suppose you eat a plate of food in which a little chili

masala has been added separately, then in this condition, the body comes to know that

we have eaten a plate of food.


But in the second condition, we put another chili spice on top of the same plate of food,

then our elder will release more acid because it makes the elder feel that he has eaten two

plates of food, whereas We have eaten only one plate.


But due to this feeling of the body, it releases more amount of acid and we get acidity problem.

 So let us know its permanent and home remedies at your home:-

How to cure acidity permanently


1. First of all we should not take too much chili masala. We should take as much chili masala

as is required in that food.



2. Secondly, we should not keep much distance between meals, at most 3 hours, we should eat something or

the other, we should eat little or nothing in between, this also removes the problem of acidity.



3. Take 50 to 100 leaves of basil, then boil it in a cup of water and make its juice and drink it in the morning.

With this you will get rid of the problem of gas.

Home remedies for acidity


4.  Make cinnamon powder and keep it at home. And after eating food every day, take one teaspoon

of this powder in the morning and evening. Within a few days, you will see that your gas problem

is gradually ending and soon you will get rid of this problem.



5. If you have fresh buttermilk in your house, then add 1-2 pinch of black pepper powder or mint powder

in a glass of buttermilk and drink it daily, you will also get rid of the problem of gas within a few days.



6.  Always use long or lion in the vegetables prepared at home, because the problem of gas is relieved

by the use of long and asafetida. By taking it always, you will never face the problem of gas.



7. Roast the cumin seeds used in the vegetable and make powder out of it. Then take half a teaspoon

of this powder with fresh water or fresh buttermilk for a few days. So with the use of a few days,

you will get rid of the problem of gas forever.


home remedies for acidity and gas problem


8. If you take half a spoon of ginger juice and one spoon of honey mixed in a glass of water, then

the problem of gas gets rid of immediately. This is a very good home remedy.


9. If you suffer from gas problems during travel. So if you drink coconut water or a glass of

cold milk in this state, you will also get instant relief from the problem of gas.



10.  After eating food in the morning and evening, half a spoon of fennel should be chewed and it should

be eaten. This gives quick relief to the problem of gas.  

Because fennel has anti-acid properties, and its cooling effect gets rid of the problem of irritation.

This is the very best home remedy for gas problems.



11.  After eating food, put a small piece of the guna in your mouth and keep sucking it for some time,

then it also provides great relief in gas problems and burning sensations. By taking it all the time,

slowly the problem of gas gets completely relieved.



12.  Guava leaves are a great way to get rid of the gas problem forever. No one would have told you

this remedy to date.


Chewing three to four small and very delicate leaves of guava in the morning on an empty stomach,

one gets rid of the gas problem forever. Do this remedy a couple of times a week and by doing this for

a few months continuously, the problem of gas will end forever.


acidity home remedies

13. Make a chutney of mint, lemon, and ginger and take it with food always, it provides great relief in

gas problems. If you always do this remedy with food, then there will never be a problem with gas.



14. The best remedy for the problem of gas- After roasting two spoons of cumin, two spoons of carom seeds,

and two spoons of fennel, make a powder and keep it in a box. Also, add rock salt powder as per taste.


Whenever there is a problem with gas, put a spoonful of powder in a glass of water and heat it. Now add

a spoonful of ginger paste to this water and let it boil for a while. In the boiling sequence, squeeze the juice

of half a lemon in it and take it off the stove, and drink this juice.  

Home remedies for acidity

This will give you relief from the problem of gas, indigestion, and burning sensation so quickly

that you will be amazed. And this is a great way to get rid of the problem of gas.



15. And finally you should be careful in your daily diet. Whenever you drink tea or coffee, you must take

some food items with it, such as biscuit snacks, etc.  


Because the antacids that are made after drinking tea are absorbed by these food substances and the problem

of gas gets rid of. Try not to take market food and junk food. With this, you will always be healthy and fit.


Stay healthy, stay healthy, this is our wish. Thank you!        for wishing quotes

home remedies for acidity



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