home remedies for headache

home remedies for headache

home remedies for headache

home remedies for headache

home remedies for headache

Headache is a common problem. Pain can occur in any part of the head and this pain is only a symptom that indicates a disease of the head.

causes of headache

Sometimes a headache can also occur due to excessive stress, fatigue, hunger, high heat or any common physical problem such as fever, cold or cold. Headache can also occur due to toothache. Headache also occurs due to thinking or contemplating too much about something. Many times, due to not sleeping well at night and being hungry stomach also causes headaches in the morning. There is a headache even if there is any kind of problem in the eyes.

Headaches are caused by tension in the pain-sensitive structures in the brain. There are nine places in the head and neck where there are pain-sensitive structures, such as muscles, nerves, eyes, ears, nerves, arteries, subcutaneous tissue, sinuses, cranium and mucous membranes.

Most headaches are cured by taking painkillers. But some headaches can also be cured by gentle massage or by taking rest.

Some of the main types of headaches are:-

  • tension pain
  • migraine pain
  • Transform migraine
  • cluster headache
  • sinus headache

Symptoms of Headache:-

  • having high blood pressure
  • having constipation or diarrhoea
  • drinking too much
  • to be stressed
  • stomach upset

Taking allopathic medicine for any type of headache is very harmful to health. Eating more allopathic pain killers causes kidney and liver damage. We should do natural remedies to cure headaches as soon as possible and get relief from them forever. With natural remedies or home remedies, we also get quick relief and there is no other harm of any kind.

So friends, today I am going to tell you all such home remedies or natural remedies, using which you get relief from any type of headache.
So let’s know the home and natural remedies for headache:-

natural remedies for headaches

home remedies for headache

1. Mustard oil:- Mustard oil is very effective in headaches. Put a few drops of mustard oil in the nostril on the side of the forehead where the headache is occurring. After that, take a deep breath upwards, due to this process, the headache disappears very soon.


2. Cinnamon:- Make a paste by grinding cinnamon. Then apply this paste on the forehead and leave it for some time. This gives great relief to headaches. When this coating dries, remove it. Doing this process three or four times ends headache.


3. Pushkar Root:- Pushkar Root is a natural herb, rubbing it like sandalwood and applying it on the forehead provides great relief in headaches. It proves to be very effective.


4. Liquorice:- Liquorice is very effective in headaches. Make a powder of liquorice, then take this powder near the nose and smell it. This makes the headache go away.


5. Make a powder by grinding peepal leaves, dry ginger, liquorice and fennel. Make a thick paste of this powder and apply it to the forehead, it ends headaches very quickly.


6. Lemonade: – In the case of drinking too much alcohol, a hangover occurs, due to which there is a lot of headaches. In this condition, there is also a lack of water in the body, due to which there is a headache. In such a situation, by taking lemon water, the headache gets cured quickly.

Home remedies for headache

allergy headache

7. Cloves:- Take 5 to 6 flowering cloves and grind them to make powder. Add a little water to this powder, that is, add about one teaspoon of water and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. Then pour it in half a glass of normal milk and drink it. Any type of headache gets cured quickly after 10 minutes of drinking it. This is a tried and tested recipe.


8. Black pepper: – In this home remedy, take 10 to 12 black peppers and grind them to make powder. Put this powder in a cup and mix one spoon of honey. After this, mixing half a cup of water in this mixture turns yellow. With this use, there is a lot of relief from headaches in a short time.


9. Lavender oil:- Lavender oil proves to be very effective in headaches like migraines. To do this experiment, adding a few drops of lavender oil to hot water and taking its steam gets rid of the problem of headache and migraine.


10. Peppermint Oil:- Peppermint is an effective medicine to reduce the tension of the head. The strong smell of its oil regulates the blood flow of the body.
Migraine headache is caused by excessive blood flow in the body. In such a situation, peppermint oil cures headaches by reducing blood flow. For this, apply a few drops of peppermint oil to your forehead. If you do not apply too much, then there may be burning. This oil cures headaches or migraines very quickly.

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