Home remedies for toothache

Home remedies for toothache

Home remedies for toothache

Home remedies for toothache      Home remedies for toothache

Nowadays most people all over the world are suffering from toothache. Due to the repeated consumption of English medicine, the problems of teeth are increasing. There are many types of root causes of toothache such as not cleaning the teeth properly.

Toothache is caused by bacteria in the teeth. The bacteria release acids that cause tooth enamel to deteriorate. And decay starts in the teeth, due to which the tooth hurts.


Due to the gap between the teeth, the food gets stuck for a long time. If the food gets stuck in the teeth for a long time, decay occurs in it, due to which the worms start to form in the teeth and due to the worms, decay occurs in the teeth.

Due to this toothache starts. At night, when we sleep after eating food, due to sleeping without brushing, tooth decay starts and toothache starts.


To avoid tooth decay, we should do a good cleaning of teeth regularly, at least 2 times a day, after having food at night, after cleaning the teeth, we should sleep.

We do not need to go to the doctor when we have a toothache, when we go to the doctor, we are given a long list and for the pain which is easily cured at home, the doctor gives us a long bill.


Let’s know home remedies for toothache to get quick relief from toothache:-

Garlic for toothache

Garlic has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It is also very effective in toothache. Wherever there is pain in the teeth, crushing garlic and applying it, the pain of the tooth gets cured very easily.


home remedies for toothache

Alum and Rock Salt: The cheapest and easiest way to cure toothache immediately is alum and rock salt. Alum and rock salt are easily available in the market and are also very cheap.

To get rid of toothache, gargling by mixing one-fourth teaspoon of alum powder and one-fourth teaspoon of rock salt in lukewarm water provides relief from toothache very soon.

And due to this the worms which are in the teeth also die and get relief from toothache. Isase hamen Danton ke durgandh se bhi chhutkara mil jaati hai.


Alum and Mustard Oil: If there is no decay in the teeth, then there will be no pain. We can use alum and mustard oil at home to prevent tooth decay. This makes it very easy to prevent tooth decay. alum and mustard oil is great home remedies for toothache

For this, make a paste by mixing one-fourth spoon of alum powder and one-fourth spoon of mustard oil, apply this paste in a small cotton and put it on the decaying tooth and press it with the upper tooth. Tooth decay will end in a few days’ remedy and we will get rid of toothache.

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Ginger and salt:- Ginger has found anti-bacterial properties. Therefore ginger plays a very important role in removing bacteria. With the help of ginger and salt, we can get rid of the pain by stopping the decay of the teeth. For this, we clean a small piece of raw ginger, peel it and make a paste. After mixing one-fourth teaspoon of salt powder in it, applying this paste on the rotten place gives us relief from pain. This eliminates the bacteria thoroughly.


Clove or clove oil:- Long has antibacterial properties as well as anti-inflammatory and mild anesthetic properties. For this, take one or two long pieces, crush it and press it on your painful place, then you get rid of toothache in a short time.

If it is not long, then dipping the oil of long in cotton and placing it on the painful place, and pressing it gives relief from toothache in a few seconds. It works very fast in toothache. Therefore, if you have a frequent toothache, then always keep long oil in your house.



Neem has also found anti-bacterial properties. It works as a panacea for teeth.

In ancient times, sages and Ayurvedacharyas advised to use neem’s teeth. By using neem teeth, you will never get tooth decay in your life. If there is decay in the teeth, then take a neemka stick, crush it and make it like a brush, and gargle with it after boiling neem leaves. This will stop the decay of your teeth and will be of great benefit to toothache.

Remedies for toothache


Pellitory roots (Akarkara):- Pellitory Roots or Anacyclus pyrethrum (Akaekata) is a very useful medicine to give quick relief in toothache. For this, chew the flowers of Pellitory Roots by keeping them in the mouth and keep chewing for some time. Keep the saliva made the mouth in the mouth for a while and then throw it away.
In this way you can get rid of toothache very soon. If you want, take the Panchang of Pellitory Roots, dry it and keep it in powder form. And whenever there is any pain, make a paste and use it, then the pain is relieved very quickly.


date palm

If the tooth has become weak and is moving due to weakness, then cure it with this home remedy. This treatment is very simple. A date palm tree will be required for this treatment. When the date palm tree is small and delicate, cut its stem and make a 6-inch piece, then clean your teeth with this piece.

Keep the saliva that is formed while teething in your mouth for some time. With this, the movement of your teeth and the pain caused by it will be cured very soon.


Conclusion: So in the end we come to the conclusion that we must adopt home remedies when there is a pain in the teeth. Because home remedies do not have any side effects and help us to get relief from the problem very soon. Home remedies prove to be a panacea for us and it is easily available to us at home. So stay healthy, stay healthy, this is our wish. Thank you!

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